Helping Healthcare Businesses Grow Better

Who we are

20MED is a Global marketplace that helps buyers and sellers of used Medical Equipment close their deals in a simple, fast and cost effective manner . We currently serve only 3 product categories - MRI , CT , PET CT and aim to add 3 more ( ULTRASOUND, CATH LAB, MAMMOGRAPHY ) by Sep, 2023.

The USP of marketplace is -

  1. Only 100% verified listings are allowed to be published
  2. All listings come only from trusted , verified sellers
  3. The marketplace is updated daily with fresh listings and any sold inventory is immediately removed

The group manages operations from its US , Singapore and India offices. Over 30 professionals and 50+ consultants with expertise in Medical Device Sales, Technical Services, Project management, Compliance, Logistics, Finance & Digital Marketing help our customers grow their business revenue .

What we do
Digital Services
Matchmaking Services

20MED acts as a matchmaker between
and buyers / service providers
and service
seeker in a simple fast
and cost effective way.

We charge our customer a subscription

fee and a platform fee to give them a good

customer experience and a meaningful

transaction that help them in business.

Equipment Solutions
Equipment Related Solutions

20MED provides various equipment related

solutions that help both, sellers and buyers
their decision making.

This includes providing technical inspection

report formats for each equipment model,

customised contracts specific to equipment,

services like deinstallation, removal and even

re-installation and maintenance.

Value Added Services
Value Added Services

20MED also provides multiple value added

services through partners with expertise
the field of cross border logistics,
insurance & import – export.

We have also tied up with multiple banks

and NBFC’s to help our buyers with

financial solutions .

Core Team
Piyush Seth
Piyush Seth

Sales & Strategy

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Satparkash Kaushik
Satparkash Kaushik

Product & Engineering

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Manas Shukla
Manas Shukla

Finance & Accounts

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